Carspeed vehicles can provide solutions for each partner.

We manage goods from various industrial fields: automotive, steel, construction, packaging, glass, paper, chemical, food, etc.. packed as bags, on pallets, rolls, bulk or machinery; loaded by top, side or back. Our fleet consists of trucks with tarpaulin, standard and Mega, with Mercedes Benz Actros tractor and trailer Schmitz.

We are in constant renewal of the fleet to provide environmentally friendly transport services therefore we have only trucks with emissions Euro 6.

Basic equipment includes roof roller, removable aluminum sideboards, wood and aluminum planks, straps, anti-slip mats, protective corners, full safety gear for driver, communication system and GPS tracking.

Size of trucks:

• standard: 13,60 m x 2,48 m x 2,72 m height inside

• semimega: 13,60 m x 2,48 m x 2,80 m height inside

• mega: 13,60 m x 2,48 m x 3,00 m height inside

Additional information about our fleet can be found here.