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  • Aniversare 25 de ani – articol Jurnalul de Afaceri

    Cu acest prilej aniversar dorim să mulțumim partenerilor și să ne exprimăm recunoștiința tututor celor care au contribuit la acest parcurs! LA MULȚI ANI! #Carspeed #EchipaCarspeed #ForzaCarspeed Am marcat acest moment printr-un articol aniversar în Jurnalul de Afaceri. https://jurnaluldeafaceri.ro/carspeed-aniverseaza-25-de-ani-de-activitate/ https://jurnaluldeafaceri.ro/epub/2021/decembrie/carspeed-aniverseaza-25-de-ani-de-activitate.php#

  • Company celebration

    Already a tradition in our company, between Christmas and New Year, all our staff gather together and celebrate in a relaxed environment. This year we had the pleasure to discover the violin mastery of our good colleague, Mr. Fisca Daniel. And our partners in the cafeteria DAMARIN, they have created a wonderful birthday cake. Joy and happiness! Happy Birthday Carspeed team!